Why do things in half measures?

At Three Oaks distillery we pride ourselves on experimentation, bringing together science and nature, we strive to take you on a flavour journey, exciting the senses, from smell, to taste changes and mouth feel. Everyone of our spirits is lovingly handcrafted to bring you the very best of artisan spirits.

It's all about Evelyn

It is customary to give each newly built still a name and ours is called Evelyn. She is our wonderful, one-of-a-kind, copper still where all the magic happens. Commissioned and specified by the Three Oaks’ founder Robert Prigmore and his son Alex, Evelyn arrived with us in early 2019 and is designed to give maximum flexibility. She includes a vapour extraction unit and a seven-stage rectifier column, giving the ability to produce a wide range of high quality spirits. We immediately set to work, producing our first small batch of handcrafted spirits, experimenting, and refining our distinctive distilling techniques until we were happy with the quality and flavour that has proved itself time and time again with our local spirit drinkers.

Let’s go Natural

Our company does not use any artificial flavours or colours in its crafting processes. All our fruit flavoured spirits use high-quality freeze-dried fruit, with nothing added, and we are proud to say that we source organic local produce wherever possible. Even the water used in the company’s products will soon come from a borehole, which draws water from deep below the Brecon Beacons, adding to the company’s product quality and Welsh provenance. We are continually on the lookout for new, local, seasonal, ingredients to develop new products.

It’s a family thing

The blended family may be a modern term, but that’s us. Drawing on a wealth of experience we have formed a team that is knowledgeable, creative, and eager to take on the spirits business. This expertise combined with sensitive taste buds, has allowed the company to innovate and develop a wide range of high-quality drinks that we hope will keep you coming back time and time again. We are both family, friends, and partners, and we welcome you to join our clan of passionate, happy drinkers.

Our customers come first

Consistency is something we continuously strive towards and see it as a fundamental element to the distilling process. We believe there’s no point in creating something people love if you can’t consistently reproduce it! At Three Oaks we relish customer feedback and suggestions, because we know that our customers are what keep us going and are the best source of inspiration when creating something new!

Keeping it Local

We are always looking to work with local farmers and producers whenever we can. Our first products using spirits from locally harvested barley grain are our premium vodka and the whiskey that we produced at the end of 2022. The distillery aims to source, where possible, all its ingredients and packaging from Wales, to enable the distillery to know their provenance and also lower the company’s carbon footprint. We aim to produce spirits in the future that will be unequivocally Welsh, as the entire base ingredients will have been planted, harvested, and processed in Wales.